'Tomas Jay brings a very different - but equally appealing - verve to the Sinatra classic, whose loose-limbed whimsy aptly inhabits a jaunty reggae cadence here.'”


The unique voice of Tomas Jay, soulful and accomplished, takes listeners on an emotional journey. His wide range and powerful message grabs your mind enabling you to reach new heights body, mind, and soul. Learning from some of the greats like Betty Carter and Stevie Wonder has really shaped the Artist he is today. Tomas Jay concurred Music Academia in multiple cities from San Francisco to Boston, New York to New Orleans winning awards along the way. Tomas is ready for the new and exciting challenges ahead.


“ Jazz and Gospel Music brings me back to my roots and has influenced my work tremendously.

- Tomas Jay


“Listening to Tomas Jacobs has opened my eyes, his music has touched my soul.”

– Peter H. (San Francisco)

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